The craziest druggie hippie festival in the jungle of Costa Rica! – Awkward girl goes to the Envision Festival, a spiritual event with lectures about crypto currencies and hallucinogenics!

Amelia Dimoldenberg ventured deep into the jungles of Costa Rica to attend Envision Festival, on a quest to rid herself of her chronic awkwardness and open her third eye through bitcoin conferences, Buddhist drum circles and vaginal eggs.

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Bone Jarring: The highly anticipated and r-rated ‘Upgrade’ has a new trailer and it’s thrilling and hyper violent. From the producers of ‘Get Out’ and ‘The Purge’, and the creator of ‘Saw’!

“Some of these kids see me more than their own dad!” – Legendary Texas teacher responds to Jake Paul’s diss track about school teachers. I expected cringe, was actually solid!