Dusty Daze: Nic Von Rupp, Miguel Blanco and some hard charging locals score a board breaking European slab hidden ‘somewhere in the Atlantic’ which often mimics Pipeline!

“We see a lot. But don’t remember much in this modern age of transitional technology. Everything is instantaneous in our world of visuals, things appear and disappear just as fast. This is our bookmark on a short moment in time. Featuring Nic Von Rupp, Miguel Blanco, Manuel Lezcano Cruz, Gines Diaz and Franito Saenz. In memory of Jean Da Silva and Oscar Moncada.” – @guy__mac.

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Yeah nah, she’ll be right! – Kiwi slang goes deep, but this Kiwi legend tries to break it all down to help you understand this mysterious foreign language!

“When you say you’re gonna kill somebody, you kill em” – Wannabe thug threatens a veteran and instantly regrets it. Proceeds to rip his shirt off for better getaway aerodynamics!