Stay pitted: A handful of lone draggers survived the Polyprocalypse. Beneath the rubble they lay hiding. Forever scheming. They lay ready to strike. Drag Board Co presents ‘Ripped’!

A handful of lone draggers survived the Polyprocalypse. Hideously disfigured and battling chronic Drag induced psychosis, they roam the underground trenches of this dystopian soft purgatory. Gathering in secret. Exchanging core soft intel over the deep web. Dragging abandoned slabs to feed their addiction and recruiting those rejected by the mindless control of hard society into their flaccid underworld commune. Forever plotting. They lay awake in anguish ready to get strike, ready to RIP.

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Though often humorous, this particular anecdote is deadly serious. Aceves, Neen, Lay, Servold and Wimer put a hurting on the streets in this no-gimmick vid from Altamont!

Bosch plans to use rocket-style thrusters on motorcycles to prevent lowsiding at the critical moment when the front tyre loses traction!