“Sedate that mother f**ker” – Fight kicks off inside the Sunrise Hospital waiting room in Las Vegas, and on the bright side, it is the best place to get violently sucker punched!

“Sedate the n*gga!” What did she expect to happen? Somebody’s just going to walk up with a syringe and put the guy down? Shout out to Asian John Lennon, he can take a decent punch.

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Meanwhile in Hawaii, first it was lava, then acid rain. Now, residents near Kilauea volcano are confronting a new threat. ‘Laze’, a toxic cloud mashup of hydrochloric steam and shards of glass!

Referee Ian John-Lewis got popped in the kisser by Badou Jack during his WBC light-heavyweight title fight against Adonis Stevenson, shook it off like a champ and got the fight going again!