“This thing is a freaking monster” – Meanwhile in Australia, Jesus Christ this R34 GTR is off it’s head. The combo of AWD, 1000hp, and a sequential gearbox on the street is hectic!

“Throughout the years, we have filmed a countless number of cars – it’s not often Kyle is fixated on a single car at an event. Not only was this perfect R34 one of those cars, this is hands down Kyle’s favourite import on the planet. As you can see in the video, this is the cleanest R34 we have ever witnessed” – @1320video.

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Enduro god Jonny Walker masters the narrow cobbled streets of Porto in Portugal, claiming victory at the Extreme XL Lagares!

The Grim Reaper was about to claim another drug addicted soul. No breathing, pinpoint pupils, turning blue, until a cop administered Narcan. Within 3 minutes, the man was back!