“You barely see sun, once every 3 months” – A haunting short about inmates in the Arizona prison system working to break wild horses as they prepare for their own release!

Felons released from prison in Arizona have a 49% chance of returning in 5 years. Of the 50 felons released from the Wild Horse Program, only 3 have returned. Over 700 wild horses have been adopted out of the program. 45,000 remain in permanent holding today. Photos via the super talented aaronadlerphotography.com

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Easy there tiger, I’m still struggling with 8am! – Former Navy SEAL and all around badass, Jocko Willink, explains why it’s worth waking up at 4:30am every morning!

Leaked trailer for axed 1990’s reboot ‘Tremors’ with Kevin Bacon facing off against over-sized flesh-eating worms gets fans so pumped up they launch petition to get Netflix’s attention!