Powerful message about racism, gun violence and police brutality: 0. Meme: 1. People are furious that a ‘This Is America’ joke has gone viral, forget that the internet never loses!

Donald Glover almost broke the Internet when he dropped the video for his new song ‘This is America.’ It has quickly been hailed as a masterpiece and – considering the important issues that it tackles in such a bold and uncompromising way – there were hopes that it wouldn’t be turned into another senseless meme. Sadly it is 2018 and anything that is remotely popular, regardless of quality or content, will become a meme.

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An officer fake-arrests an out of control 13-year-old in an effort to help the boy’s parents discipline him after he threatened to destroy the house because he was bored!

Jeremy Clarkson is the new host of ‘Who Wants To Be A Milllionaire?’, and things take a weird turn when he thinks the contestant has the correct answer!