“He was tattooing my bone, he was drunk as hell” – From the Nirvana logo to the LSD chemical compound, Brooklyn rap trio Flatbush Zombies walk us through their ink!

Flatbush Zombies walk through the world looking like rock stars. Not necessarily in the old-fashioned “guys who play guitars” sense of the term—though they do all have incredible hair. Rather, together, Erick “The Architect” Elliott (Arc for short), Meechy Darko and Zombie Juice look like people who you should recognise, like larger-than-life icons. For more please visit GQ.com

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Meanwhile on the streets of Florida, legend with an iconic 1995 Supra pumping out 800hp on low boost, offers random people rides for $20. Leaves people shaking with excitement!

Curing a hangover with avocado toast pizza and an ice cream sundae! – It’s hard to know whether eating all this food after a night on the piss would make you feel better or worse!