Code name Mermaid: German freediver Anna von Boetticher trains elite soldiers to hold their breath for long periods of time, let’s watch her explore ‘Dean’s Blue Hole’ in the Bahamas!

Only eight metres off the white sand shores off Long Island in the Bahamas is the deepest blue hole in the world: Dean’s Blue Hole. This spectacular underwater feature has been wowing freedivers and nature lovers for a long time now, but (unless you’re an elite freediver) chances are you’ve never seen this unique aspect from inside.

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High speed and power-packed, this is skateboarding done right! – Mason Silva new video part is over two minutes of straight annihilation!

“You f**king retard c*nt. Almost got ya!” – Meanwhile in Australia, messy drunk girl freaks out inside a KFC, throws credit card scanners at employees and smashes a TV screen!