The universe’s most lethal hunters return stronger, smarter, and more deadly than before. This time they’re taking to the small-town streets of suburbia in new ‘The Predator’ trailer!

This reboot/sequel, which is directed by Shane Black (who played Rick Hawkins in the original Predator), takes the hunt from the jungle to the city outskirts. Rory McKenna, a young boy with autism, accidentally triggers the arrival of the Predator. But this isn’t your daddy’s Predator – these bad boys have genetically upgraded themselves with DNA from other species, making themselves stronger and deadlier than ever before.

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R.I.P Humanity: This is what robots will look like when they hunt you down in the future. I’m not entirely convinced Skynet hasn’t taken over the Boston Dynamics company already!

Do they really do this for fun? – Man at the rodeo taking part in a ‘bull game’ gets charged head on by a bull and thrown into next week!