R.I.P Humanity: This is what robots will look like when they hunt you down in the future. I’m not entirely convinced Skynet hasn’t taken over the Boston Dynamics company already!

Boston Dynamics just uploaded footage of its upright, bipedal robot called Atlas going for a jog. No tethers, no awkward stiffness, just a robot, a green field, and plenty of fresh air. No stress holding it down, Atlas effortlessly crosses different types of terrain, from gentle slopes, to heavy brush — even a log can’t slow him down. Check it out!

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“Being famous and broke is a sh*tty combination!” – Will Smith tells the story of how he went from Fresh Prince to broke to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!

The universe’s most lethal hunters return stronger, smarter, and more deadly than before. This time they’re taking to the small-town streets of suburbia in new ‘The Predator’ trailer!