“That’s f**ken dope” – Dude uses a custom built paintball ‘flamethrower’ during a crazy 2,000 person game in Oregon and damn that sh*t would be annoying to get hit with!

Real life Splatoon. This is a fun idea, but the simulation accuracy is a bit of a stretch. Those dudes popping up would still get some shots off before and a little after the flames hit. It’s devastating in the end, but the stopping power isn’t the same as a ‘bullet’.

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‘I Dream of Zombies’ – A young man prepares for an invasion of the undead, and one morning he wakes up to find his dreams have come true!

With one of the gnarliest roof gaps in snowboarding history, Cees Wille’s part from Postland Theory’s ‘Loose’ is live. Loaded with a swarm of stylish tricks applied to high consequence spots!