“Words can’t describe what I’m seeing right now. Holy sh*t!” – Bloke returns to his Hawaiian home to collect belongings only to find spewing, red hot lava outside his backyard!

Keith Brock was evacuated from the Leilani Estate after it was engulfed by lava from the erupting Kilauea volcano. Brock captured the dramatic footage from around 30 yards from his home before uploading it to Facebook. “The sound was deafening, like 100 freight trains. The ground was bouncing up and down, it was hard to hold the camera still.”

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Los Angeles has a secret Texas style barbecue location, and like a crack addict, you won’t be able to sit still until you get your hands on some of this juicy and tender meat!

“I got me a nice little infrared beam” – Police crack down on paintball wars on Detroit streets as kids run wild shooting each other, police cars and anybody else that wants some!