So much cringe! – Random dude with a megaphone asks good guy Jaden Smith to help raise money for the homeless, and he wasn’t ready for Jaden to take so much interest in his cause!

Jaden Smith was clearly raised well and is very willing and open to help a good cause, so when this guy come up to him talking with a megaphone about helping the homeless, he wasn’t ready for Jaden to get involved and start asking questions of his own.

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Ultimate buzz: Nev Bradshaw and his forearms of steel races a 1989 Honda CR500 against a field of modern two-strokes at Foxhill. Probably stayed in 2nd gear the entire time!

Like to gamble? The Electric Anvil tattoo shop in Brooklyn has a ‘Get What You Get’ machine. For $100, a gumball machine will choose your next tattoo. Would you roll the dice?