Pitbull have a bad reputation for being aggressive and untrustworthy, but is it the temperament of the dog or the poor training by the owner?

Known for their aggressive nature, exuberance and strength, pit bulls often come with a warning tag. But any ‘dangerous’ dog owner knows that the key to taming the breed is to handle with care, or rather, with proper training, a strong lead and a muzzle in tow. Through an intimate look into the relationships between several canine lovers and their pets, ‘Pitbull’ reveals that these dogs are not nearly as fearsome as they seem.

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“Oh sh*t. This thing is too much fun!” – Ricky Boada couldn’t fit a V8 into his 1930 Ford Model A, so he shoved a Honda S2000 motor in it that screams to 9,000rpm, because VTEC!