“Oh sh*t. This thing is too much fun!” – Ricky Boada couldn’t fit a V8 into his 1930 Ford Model A, so he shoved a Honda S2000 motor in it that screams to 9,000rpm, because VTEC!

“Here is my Ford Model A with a Honda S2000 swap. Yes, you’re reading correctly. Built by @goomba_james after seeing the amazing @_aaron_beck design render, it just had to be done.” – @RickyBoada.

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Pitbull have a bad reputation for being aggressive and untrustworthy, but is it the temperament of the dog or the poor training by the owner?

Stunt on em: You better check yo self before you wreck yo self, cause not having the latest ‘Toey Socks’ is bad for your health. Available on the Shock Mansion Store now!