“Shut the f**k up dude. Jesus f**king Christ!” – Dude loses his mind at ‘Trainwrecks’, a live streamer on Twitch known for playing WOW, for talking too much during a painting class!

Hey look, Jesse is out of the meth cooking business and trying to find serenity in painting now. Good for him. Seems like it came to a happy ending at least. He just snapped for a moment, apologised, and the streamer agreed to stop talking as well.

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“You wanna see the f**kin’ pentagrams in the back, homeboy?!” – Cops make an unusual house call, find an aggressive guy living in a mould ridden house eating a sandwich with way too much ham!

Earth is too small for Billionaire Jeff Bezos! – The founder of Blue Origin and Amazon has plans for human civilisation reaching hundreds of years into the future!