The best skiers and snowboarders on earth hit Austria for the ‘Audi Nines’ and sweet baby Jesus you cannot miss these highlights. Get ready to be blown away by the mayhem!

Some of the most epic GoPro Snow content has come from the Nine Knights and Nine Queens events. This year, the events evolved into the Audi Nines, which is playing host to the most progressive in skiing and snowboarding, and sweet mother of god did it give us some incredible footage.

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“Her ass cheeks are showing, what the hell?” – It’s official, Monaco’s supercar scene is chaos as f**k boys, spotters and police invade. Shout out to the guy in the $10 million Ferrari 250 though!

Americans won’t like hearing this at all! – This song is all about Australia’s most deadly animals ready to messed you up at any turn, but at least we don’t have AR-15’s!