Locals only: Meanwhile in Australia, kook on a paddle board doesn’t honour the lineup, get’s body checked by a dolphin and now experts are saying it was definitely intentional!

This is the age old dolphin game of ‘put the slowest swimmer in front of the shark’. Imagine if he got injured and he had to explain to people how. ‘Oh this bruise? I got hit by a dolphin.’ Sure you did dude. I would love to hear audio of the dolphins after this happened. I wanna believe the squeaking and clicking went up ten fold after the guy got smashed.

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“The ideas that I’d come up with where so bonkers” – Back when MTV was rad, they used to give Bam Margera $300,000 a week to film crazy sh*t for each Viva La Bam episode!

“Her ass cheeks are showing, what the hell?” – It’s official, Monaco’s supercar scene is chaos as f**k boys, spotters and police invade. Shout out to the guy in the $10 million Ferrari 250 though!