French start-up called SeaBubbles is testing it’s new water taxi technology with a foil boat that is powered by two 10 kW electric motors, and has a range of 50 to 60 miles (80-100 km)!

In the hope of becoming the ‘Uber for water taxis’, a French start-up called SeaBubbles has revealed a new futuristic boat prototype. The battery-powered boat has a sleek car-shaped design, and uses hydrofoils to hover inches above the water, thanks to the same physics phenomenon that allowed the Hydroptere sailboat to set water speed records.

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Meanwhile on the world’s weirdest reality show, Naked and Afraid, a female contestant gets sent home in an ambulance after snapping her collarbone!

“F**king hell. Jesus Christ!” – Television viewers were left feeling a little queasy after an adventurer let a grub crawl into his ear and eat the wax during his new BBC documentary!