“Sh*t, that bitch really want it son!” – It’s absolute chaos on the block after a dude destroys a street full of parked vehicles while trying to evade a crazy woman with a bat!

Crazy girl armed with a baseball bat attacks a guy’s car while he’s trapped in a backstreet. Guy panics and starts ramming his way out, trying to run over the attackers as he goes. Holy sh*t dude. You were probably better off letting that girl beat your car with a bat and then getting the cops to take her to jail. Now your in the deep end.

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“Welcome to 2018!” – Meanwhile outside a Belfast Pub, three violent, messy drunk women shoved to the cold unforgiving concrete by one bouncer. Like kittens attacking a wolf!

After a diving accident left Ian Burkhart paralysed, he risked his life to have an implant put into his brain that is giving hope that others like him will walk again!