Get some! – Join four-time world’s strongest man Brian Shaw for a training session in his home garage gym, where he has everything he needs to break records and win trophies!

Not only has Brian Shaw won 4 Worlds Strongest Man titles, but he also has many world records in just about ever lift category imaginable. In order to perform the seemingly inhuman feats of strength that Shaw does on a regular basis, it takes a village. A village of both gym equipment and food. Most, if not all of this takes place at his home.

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Slaying terrorists while dual wielding handguns? Shut up and take my money. What would change if ‘Counter Strike’ was available to play in Virtual Reality, and what are the possibilities?

Ventura College thought they were getting a new transfer quarterback named Dreaj Foge. They didn’t know it was NFL Rams star Jared Goff hiding under a wig and temporary tattoos!