“Oh my lord, what the f**k are we gonna do bro?” – Dude takes his murdered out BMW Z4 for a thrash on wet roads and crashes it 24 hours after buying it. Friend films it all for Snapchat!

“My boy crashed his Z4 first day of owning it… luckily I got it on snap.” What do you do when your friend buys a BMW Z4? Take a video of your first ride, of course. And what do you do when your friend immediately crashes less than 24 hours after buying the car? Keep that video rolling, of course.

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That is methed up! – Couple get pulled over for tint too dark, end up getting in a whole lot more trouble when their windows won’t roll down!

Truck hauling a massive amount of fuel hits a concrete divider, flips and crashes killing the driver and setting an entire street on fire, people run for their lives!