Official anti-drug propaganda: Don’t eat that bad Marijuanas. Every bite of that junk is like Satan in your mouth. This groovy advertisement is proudly sponsored by Big Liquor!

Wow, this beat is groovy and hip. Your kids would love this. Email it to them now. They would be much better off smoking beer everyday, or munching on some cigarettes. I myself once ate marijuanas and got laid, but also three years later I fell out of a window so who the f**k knows.

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Old man makes Twitch streamer reevaluate her life. Imagine if you could cradled your testicles in fabric and it would attract 1,000’s of women to watch you ramble on about anything!

5 minutes for the next 50 years of your life! – Matthew McConaughey gives one hell of a motivational speech, and after listening to it you’ll probably be able to run through brick walls!