What happens to your body when you take steroids? – Before you turn to drugs for improved performance, gets some information on what side effects you may suffer, including erectile dysfunction and acne!

The world is pretty much obsessed with appearance these days, with guys all over social media not daring to show their torso if it isn’t jacked and ripped. Before you turn to steroids to achieve this look, find out what else can happen to you body on the drug.

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“Don’t do it!” – Woop Wooup. Guy gets stung by police while driving on the shoulder of an Atlanta highway, and you can see the exact moment when he realised he f**ked up!

Daveed Diggs is an ex-convict who can’t escape the violence and racism of gritty Oakland in ‘Blindspotting’. A Sundance movie that critics say will shake you to your core!