“Just shoot me.” – Police find their suspect hiding in a swamp, he calmly asks to be shot and tased, giggles when the police dog licks his face, then pleads that his cuffs not be put on too tight!

A 34-year-old Hernando County man was arrested when Pasco deputies found him hiding in a swamp Tuesday evening after a short high-speed chase. The most interesting part is when the officers made the arrest knee deep in mud!

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“It’s getting bigger bro!” – Disturbing Snapchat footage of three lads laughing as fire burns around them is being examined by police who are investigating Sydney’s recent bushfire!

A game changer for countless high school kids: Smoking weed inside is awesome until you have to rid your bedroom the pungent aroma. Mask that smell with a DIY Artisanal Sploof!