A game changer for countless high school kids: Smoking weed inside is awesome until you have to rid your bedroom the pungent aroma. Mask that smell with a DIY Artisanal Sploof!

On this episode of Smokeables, Trey Smith explains how you can cobble together your own DIY artisanal sploof using just a few household items, some sage, and crushed-up flower petals to get your home smelling just like “an artisan workplace with like a cool coffee shop in the back.”

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“Just shoot me.” – Police find their suspect hiding in a swamp, he calmly asks to be shot and tased, giggles when the police dog licks his face, then pleads that his cuffs not be put on too tight!

From a bong to a banger! – Music producer/stoner records the sound of a removable glass cone sliding in and out of the stem, then turns it into a hit that will last all summer!