NASA’s new planet hunter! – ‘TESS’ will find undiscovered worlds around bright nearby stars, providing targets where future studies will assess their capacity to harbor life!

SpaceX, which is providing the launch vehicle and launchpad for TESS, will be sending this new satellite into space on wednesday. TESS will be launched into an unusual egg-shaped orbit that takes it as far out as the moon every 13.7 days and then back down to 67,000 miles altitude, from where it will transmit data.

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“Weed is more important than television” – Don’t have hundreds of dollars to blow on a fancy vape or an intricate dab rig. This is how you make a bong out of a Potato Chip can!

Climbers Brad Gobright and Jim Reynolds sprinted up the most famous piece of rock in the world, setting a new record, and this incredible timelapse documents the whole journey!