“F**k the system, man!” – Stunned guy records a fare dodging maniac on his phone, clinging to the back of a Toronto city bus like Spiderman. Got me yelling fight the system as I watched!

Meanwhile in Toronto, a man was filmed clinging to the back of a moving TTC bus while joyfully shouting such things as “f–k the system!” and “Warya!” A Twitter user who goes by the name Gure Scarborough captured the scene on his phone while driving past the Orion VII 8046 TTC bus.

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Meanwhile on Hollywood Boulevard, its not all sunshine and rainbows as Twitch live streamer Justin Carrey captures a wild fight resulting in some skateboard swinging knockouts!

“That was terrifying!” – Legendary weatherman gets sick and tired of his co-workers being so damn negative all of the time. This is how I want my weather presented from now on!