Powered by a Honda 600cc engine, this insane Ape Proto three-wheeler with long travel suspension is most comfortable when it’s going sideways around a dirt corner!

These mental little things from Europe are purpose built racing trikes. They can be powered by any motor bike engine you can think of, from a little 125cc to a full on 1000cc superbike engine, most popular appears to be 600cc Honda CBR engine. They compete at dirt track events and hill climbs and are properly quick.

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Cops have charged a crazy Aussie tradie for running around threatening screaming people with a chainsaw after a vicious road rage brawl disrupted peak hour traffic in Sydney!

Getter’s rap persona Terror Reid, just dropped an awesome banger that’s giving us 90’s nostalgia. ‘Bounce Back’ is a funky tune that’s bound to get stuck in your head after a few listens!