“Do you get high?” – Oscar nominated Timothee Chalamet is a 1980s marijuana dealer making stacks of cash, dodging cops, and juggling a sweaty romance in ‘Hot Summer Nights’!

Today, we thank the cinephile gods for blessing us with a Timothée Chalamet coming-of-age drama again — this time, with 60 percent more drugs! In the first trailer for Hot Summer Nights, Chalamet plays a surly ’80s teen who goes to stay with his aunt for the summer, only to become embroiled in love triangles, small-time drug dealing, and potentially big-time drug dealing. You know, just normal teen stuff.

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Wise words from a wise man: Meanwhile in Australia, If you’re a f**king fair dinkum full grown Aussie, this is what you’d have for breakfast, ya dog c*nts. This man for Prime Minister!

This 11-year-old driving prodigy could become the first-ever woman F1 winner, as she is already driving an F3 car and is still in primary school!