Majestic: How much fun can you have with an 80 horsepower, rear wheel drive, electric car? Spoiler alert. F**ken tons mate. Urban off-roading, burnouts, power slides and more!

You’d think that a car with an okay amount of horsepower for its size, a super short wheelbase and rear-drive would be able to hoon, and hoon quite easily. Well, you’d be right. Looks like I’ve found my next daily.

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Burglar was stabbed to death with his own screwdriver by a pensioner after breaking into the elderly couples home, and now a battle between locals and grieving relatives has begun as tributes to the intruder are repeatedly torn down!

The gloves are off: Massive bench clearing brawl kicks off between Padres and Rockies after a pitch is thrown behind Nolan Arenado. Five players ejected for taking part in the melee!