Jim Carrey plays a cop who finds similarities between an unsolved murder, and a crime outlined in a book in first lead acting role in four years!

“Dark Crimes” stars Carrey as a tormented police officer named Tadek who discovers an unsolved murder and sex crime bares similarities to a famous novel by author Krystov Kozlow. Tadek sets out on a mission to link Kozlow to the murder, but his investigation leads to a dangerous fascination with the author and his girlfriend, a mysterious sex club worker.

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S-97 RAIDER helicopter could be the next big thing in military aviation! – This next-generation light tactical prototype helicopter can reach speeds of more than 220 knots, nearly double the speed of a conventional helicopter!

“I f**k bitches, actually” – Texas mother goes off her head at smart ass school kids looking to fight her son. Claims her son will murder them, and I can hear the property values dropping!