“Who ordered the haymakers?” – Wild fight erupts inside a Louisiana restaurant over a stolen piece of cookie cake. We all need one friend who is willing to go ‘0 to 100’ like a maniac!

In the video you can see a man approach a large table of people and he’s seen arguing with another man when things turn violent. He apparently puts his hands around the other man’s neck. Punches are thrown and then one of the men sitting against the wall comes flying in like a bat outta hell.

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I don’t know what shawarma is but I want to try it! – Binging with Babish recreates Shawarma enjoyed by Iron Man and the rest of The Avengers!

“He looked like he just did a big bong rip!” – Former Navy SEAL Brandon Webb explains why he’ll never go skydiving as a civilian again even though he logged numerous jumps in the military!