They’re described as dirty ‘cockroaches of the road’. They block up the streets, and pollute the planet with tight, bright lycra. Cyclists. This is why so many people hate them!

Bicyclists have a serious image problem. The perception among non-cyclists is that cyclists simply think the “rules of the road” don’t apply to them. “I don’t seek out confrontation but this guy stopped and looked like he wanted to have a conversation so I was happy to oblige. I wish > hadn’t raised my voice but something to different next time.” – Dashcam Driver.

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The world’s first electric supercar with on-road and off-road capabilities! – XING Mobility has released new footage of their rally-inspired Miss R!

Jasper Dohrs shreds the streets of Thailand in his “SuperMix” part, proving the country has so many skate spots that your next holiday there shouldn’t be spent in a resort!