“If I take one of those I’ll sleep for 3 days, he just popped it like it’s a mint!” – Joey Diaz is a monster when it comes to eating 200mg, THC-infused Stars of Death, must be immune to anxiety!

“Dont worry about it cocksucka!” So you’re thinking of popping multi of these little bastards at once? The feeling has been described like this, imagine being half asleep in the passenger seat of a car going 500mph through a tunnel while a soundtrack of your own heartbeat plays on repeat at full volume. Joey must have an incredible tolerance levels compared to us mere mortals.

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“I’ve never done high.” – Comedian Russell Howard gets high with his mum for the first time, tries a vape, and bong and some cannabis chocolate!

Friendly giraffe sticks its head inside a car looking for some carrots, then the people inside the car get scared and try to roll up the window!