Mad Mike drifts in Denmark! – ’RADBUL’ is unleashed with its 1,200bhp on narrow roads where the rear end almost kisses the crash barriers!

Mike Whiddett is arguably to drifting what Tony Hawk was to pro skateboarding. When you get featured in Need for Speed you know you’ve made it. He has an unstoppable urge to test the impossible, which means Whiddett sets the standards for his sport year after year and if he finds a new spot to test – it’s only a question of time.

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New trailer ‘The First Purge’ looks back on how the night of legal murder began, and how it was all a Government ploy to send military posing as civilians to kill targets the Purge’s supporters wanted gone!

John Goodman talks about his early career, looking for anyone to fight while being an alcoholic, and using unemployment cheques to buy cocaine!