Hooning is not a crime: Gucci wearing Hertrech Eugene Jr. and his widebody, 13B powered RX7 drift car, aka the ‘Twerkstallion’, is back for some smoking hot laps on a Desert Course!

“I simply wasn’t having fun with the V8 in the Twerkstallion anymore, so I swapped that out for a 13B-rew just for fun. My first drift car was rotary powered in 2007, so I figured f**k it, let’s go back to that!” – @hertlife.

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John Goodman talks about his early career, looking for anyone to fight while being an alcoholic, and using unemployment cheques to buy cocaine!

Survival of the fittest: Meanwhile on the side on the road, Bobcat battles a diamondback rattlesnake, gets bitten but is immune to the venom, crushes the snake’s head and drags it away!