Bucket list: If you’ve ever dreamt of flying in a wingsuit, but jumping out of a plane, off a cliff, or death in general scares you sh*tless. Visit Stockholm’s indoor wind tunnel instead!

At Indoor Wingsuit Flying Stockholm you do what mankind has always dreamed of – you fly like a bird. You fly in the modified LT 1 – The National Aeronautical Research Institute’s Low-speed Tunnel 1. We have tilted part of the tunnel and redirected the airflow to let you fly – freely and safely. And it is easy. Young as well as old can fly already at the first try.

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Service station cashier doesn’t have enough coins to change a man’s money so he can use the air pump, guy misunderstands and thinks she’s being uncooperative, and it all kicks off!

This guy knows what to do when all the Easter chocolate goes on sale, build the world’s tastiest bunny bong and enjoy a chocolate milk hit!