London has f**ken gone to sh*t. Crime is out of control, and scooter gangs have no fear. This is what happens when you disarm ordinary people and punish them if they try to defend themselves!

Word of advice mate. Keep two locks going forward, get an anchor so you can also chain it, pay for a GPS tracker and have it fitted and get a few bricks in your room next to your window. You won’t kill anyone wearing a helmet but if you’re lucky you’ll break a shoulder blade or something. They won’t file a complaint afterwards otherwise they’re basically confessing.

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By the writer of Saw and Insidious, the trailer for R-rated ‘Upgrade’ reveals an ultra-violent sci-fi revenge thriller, following a man who receives a chip implant that gives him computer fast reflexes!

Britain’s most tattooed man legally changed his name to ‘Body Art’, was stabbed in a hate crime when the perpetrator said he didn’t like the way he looked!