By the writer of Saw and Insidious, the trailer for R-rated ‘Upgrade’ reveals an ultra-violent sci-fi revenge thriller, following a man who receives a chip implant that gives him computer fast reflexes!

The trailer for Upgrade is filled with eyebrow-raising shots and action, which all come as a result of the interesting premise. Basically, a guy who can’t walk is implanted with an experimental chip that can take over his body and turn him into Jason Bourne. Only this movie is hardcore R-rated, so there’s a lot more blood and violence.

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This is some Scooby Doo villain sh*t: Meanwhile in the dangerous, murder filled neighbourhoods of Chicago, armed home invaders sent running by bold victim standing his ground!

London has f**ken gone to sh*t. Crime is out of control, and scooter gangs have no fear. This is what happens when you disarm ordinary people and punish them if they try to defend themselves!