Billion dollar bust! – The thrilling capture of the world’s dirtiest money launderer, who helped drug cartels, biker gangs and even terrorist groups!

The world’s most wanted money launderer evaded capture for decades, while washing billions of dollars for drug cartels, biker gangs and even terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda. In 2014, an international police team came together with one aim: to catch him. A nerve-wracking trap was set by Australian and US undercover agents, and with exclusive access this thrilling doc takes you inside this extraordinary international covert operation.

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Cancer survivor met his baseball hero at 10-years-old, is now a professional player himself, and they are both with the same major league organisation!

“I’ve gotta suck ya little Morty penis to get the venom out” – Rick and Morty got a hectic Aussie remix called Bushworld Adventures. It’s so f**ked, it’s good!