“Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill” – The Weedmaps crew react during the Hawaiian missile threat and survive a maxed out pipeline during the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout!

A few years ago, Weedmaps knocked politely on surfing’s door, then kicked it off its hinges. The company picked up a few of surfing’s most talented, stuck them all in a ridiculously ridiculous North Shore mansion, and proceeded to throw parties with so much smoke it was rumoured to have actually started raining in the living room once.

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Meanwhile in the in Switzerland mountains, Terje Haakonsen and Matthias Wattinger enjoy some spring slush shredding at Laax. Crush the pipe and bust out the snow skates!

Guns and knives used in this wild street fight over a car accident in Dong Nai, Vietnam, with 10 people now arrested for their involvement!