“I heard my dad say it…SPIN!” – Some of the most brilliant corner advice from MMA coaches, leading their fighters to victory. Starring Brian Ortega and Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson!

There are many attributes that can make someone a good coach but what makes a truly great one? In the age of social media coaches have come from out of the shadows of the gym and into the limelight. Guys like Greg Jackson, John Kavanagh and Mark Dellagrotte are gaining followings of their own and the wisdom they are imparting to their athletes is appreciated by many more than just their direct students. Photo via the talented @mitchviquez.

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The battle for artificial intelligence superiority could result in a third world war, with Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking calling for a ban on these types of weapons!

Meanwhile in the in Switzerland mountains, Terje Haakonsen and Matthias Wattinger enjoy some spring slush shredding at Laax. Crush the pipe and bust out the snow skates!