“My name is murder, you’ll burn to dust!” – F**k yes. Batmetal returns. Because you can’t wear that much black eye liner without an appreciation for the world’s heaviest music!

I have no problem saying that Batman is pretty much my favourite comic book character ever. He has no superpowers whatsoever but he’s all about spending BILLIONS of dollars to fight crime. Honestly, he’s probably nearly as nutty as The Joker (although with far fewer homicidal impulses). Was not expecting Biker Mice from Mars cameo. Epic.

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After the massive success of his cookbook ‘5 Ingredients’, Jamie Oliver has flipped the game on its head with his new edition, titled ‘1 Ingredients’!

This will make you jump! – Motorcyclist has an insanely close call with death, momentarily rides on the underside of an SUV, then rode his bike home!