“I am a millionaire” – It turns out, being a scantily clad, smoking hot Ring Girl can be super lucrative. They are lean, mean, money making machines if they know how to hustle!

The many millions of viewers who watched the fight of the century between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor couldn’t help but notice how two ring girls managed to step into almost every shot and make their presence known. So, who are these ring girls? Jessica Harbour, 26, is from California and Tawny Jordan, 25, from Illinois. It turns out, being a ring girl can be very lucrative.

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One of Hong Kong’s most famous actors, Anthony Wong, found his long lost half-brothers in Australia after spending decades looking for the father who left him as a child!

Kanagawa style Rx7! – With a ride so low it can’t cross the train tracks without getting stuck, experience cruising the streets of Japan in this clean rotary!