Only 12 will be made, its body is cut like a diamond and its worth $2.2 Million USD! – The Karlmann King is the world’s most expensive SUV!

The monstrous vehicle was unveiled at the Dubai International Motor Show last year and its production is said to be limited to just 12 units. The Karlmann King is designed by Chinese firm IAT Automobile Technology and built by a team of 1,800 people in Europe. There’s also the option to add on satellite TV and phone, as well as a built-in fridge, coffee machine, electric table and independent AC unit at the front and rear.

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Someone needs to film a Sci-fi movie here! – Norilsk, Russia has a population of 177,000, is the northernmost city in the world, and the most toxic!

Cheeky restaurant owner starts cutting up a massive chunk of meat in his front window when a bunch of vegans protest out the front of his place!