“I love spinning the wheels, making dust” – Shannon’s V8 powered 1996 Hilux is no ordinary build. It’s an animal that can chew up and spit out anything the Aussie bush feeds it!

“For Shannon, 4x4ing is more than a hobby, it’s a lifestyle his whole family can enjoy. Having conquered Gunshot, this Hilux is ready for its next adventure. Watch ’til the end to find out where it’s going next!” – @nulon.aus

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Haters will say it’s fake! – Real life ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ as two samurai Japanese cosplayers have a jetpacks sword fight in the sky!

He’s already done a noseblunt on it, but he’s back to nollie in this time! – Clive Dixon went back into battle against the scary El Toro handrail, taking seriously heavy slams!