“You literally could not fall off a cliff faster than that!” – How do you drag race a Dodge Demon? Matt LeBlanc shows us step by step how to run the quarter mile in 9.65 seconds!

To discover exactly what grade of utter nonsense Dodge was spouting with this “faster than the European supercar elite” stuff, Top Gear sent its American correspondent Matt LeBlanc in search of answers. Where, it’s fair to say, things rapidly escalated.

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Rally fans are the world’s greatest fans! – Fiat 126p slides into a deep snow filled ditch, but onlookers had it back on the road before you could say “call a tow truck’!

Migos just dropped their classic ‘Walk It Talk It’ video. A ’70s-tastic Soul Train homage featuring Jamie Foxx as Ron Delirious and everyone, including Drake, wears a ridiculous wig!