The ‘most elusive’ man in North America! – Dag Aabye is a septuagenarian Ultra Marathon champion who lives completely off the grid, and two filmmakers wanted to track him down!

Somewhere in the mountains of Vernon, British Columbia lives a 76-year-old man by the name of Dag Aabye. He has no cell phone or email address. Revered by locals for having escaped from the shackles of modern society, he is the champion of the 80-mile ultramarathon aptly named the “death race.” Aabye is the oldest person to have ever finished the race.

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“Get that sh*t out of my face Bowser” – Luigi’s Balloon World looks bonkers hard, infuriating, and fun as f**k. Nintendo should start paying Dunkey for all the free marketing!

Meanwhile in the French Alps, Would you send it off a monster wooden kicker, launching yourself 40 meters into the air with no landing? What a genius and majestic concept this is!